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Feldborg Growers


At Feldborg, we have specialized in the cultivation of tropical green plants since 1988. Our mission is to create excellent indoor plant solutions that are accessible to all. Through constant development and high-quality standards, we work hard to maintain our position as a leading and attractive supplier of exclusive, trendy and durable plants. We strive for the highest possible quality and the least possible environmental impact. Our plants are grown and transported in a way that gives the least possible CO2 footprint. Our team of 200 dedicated and enthusiastic employees in Denmark and Thailand grows 12 million plants a year in 150 varieties.


Feldborg A/S has been around since 1988, and was founded by Claus Feldborg, who since the beginning has been focusing on exclusive tropical plant solutions for the home.

The plant adventure started when Claus started his first nursery in Åsum on Funen in Denmark at the age of 23. However already after two years, the nursery was not big enough. Therefore, Claus invested in renovating an old nursery in Årslev, which was Feldborg's head office for the next 25 years.

In 2006, greenhouses were created in Thailand, where a large proportion of the plants are produced today under natural conditions in natural sunlight. In 2016, the nursery in Denmark again expanded when Claus invested in 28,000 square meters of greenhouse in Allested-Vejle, Funen.

Our nurseries today cover 180,000 square meters of greenhouses and 25 ha fields in Denmark and Thailand filled with lively green plants.

The Gazelle award 2018 - 2021

Over the past four years, Feldborg Growers has been awarded the Danish "Børsen Gazelle". Being a Gazelle means that your business has grown continuously and as a minimum doubled its turnover or gross profit over four years.

Tv: Claus Feldborg (Director), th: Kenneth Rasmussen (production Manager En)

Gardener of the Year 2019

In motivation for the award, Chairman of The Danish Horticulture Jørgen K. Andersen explained among other things that Claus Feldborg has, through a long career as a horticultural owner, developed both his company and his range of hardy green plants into something unique. Today the company is known worldwide for the Easycare brand, based on customer needs.

”Claus Feldborg has created a great production and a positive business in two countries with products sold all over the world. It is an impressive and long-lasting effort, where good leadership skills and the ability to develop and design products that are in demand underlie the success.,” - said Jørgen K. Andersen. (Chairman of Danish Horticulture)

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