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Bayonet Sansevieria


Bayonet Sansevieria


These plants are some of the easiest plants you can have in your home. They can survive several months without light and water. You only need to make sure to avoid cool temperatures and overwatering, if the plant is to thrive.

At Feldborg Growers, we cultivate many variants of the bayonet plant, so you have the opportunity of creating your personal bayonet collection, that suits your home interior.

Botanical name: Sansevieria

Other names: Over the years, the Bayonet plant has been given several popular nicknames. People often refer to it as Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law's Tongue.  


A Bayonet Plant is extremely easy. In fact, we promise that everyone will be able to care for it as long as you do not water it too often or expose it to cool temperatures.

Watering: It is important that a Bayonet Plant dries out between waterings. It should only be watered a little every two months, or when the leaves start to get a little soft.

Location: Like the rest of the sansevieria family, the Bayonet Plant is super easy when it comes to location. It can be put anywhere in your home - from the darkest corner to a south-facing window in full sunlight.

Temperature: Since the plant has its origin in tropical climates, it prefers temperatures around 15-30 °C.