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A little bit about the plant

These plants are some of the allernemmeste plants you can have in your home, since they can survive several months without light and water. You just need to be aware of to avoid frost and overvanding, if the plant needs to stay long.

In Feldborg Growers, we cultivate many variants of the bayonet plant, so you have ample opportunity to put together your own little bayonet collection, which suits your home interior.

Botanical name: Sansevieria

Dear child has many names: Bayonet-the plant has over the years gained several popular nicknames. Among other things, you can hear it too often, people refer to it as Snake Plant or mother-in-law sharp tongue.



A bayonet-plant is enormously easy. We dare actually good laws that all can fit it, so long as you don't water it too often or expose it to frost.

Watering: It is important that a bayonet-plant dry out between waterings. Therefore, it must also only watered a bit about. 1 time per month, or when the leaves start to get a bit soft in it.

Location: just Like the rest of the sansevieria family is bayonet plant super easy ift. location. It can stand everywhere in your house, from the darkest corner to a south-facing window with full sun.

Temperature: Since the plant originates from the tropical climate, the best at temperatures of about 15-30 °C.