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Spear Plant

Spear Plant

Sansevieria francisii 


The Spear Plant is one of the easiest plants you can have in your home. Like the rest of the sansevieria family it stores water in its thick leaves for the dry season. The plant originally comes from Africa, but today it can be found in both Asia and South America as well.

Botanical name: Sansevieria francisii



The Spear Plant is one of the absolute easiest plants you can have in your home, both in terms of watering and location.

Watering: Your Spear Plant only needs to be watered every two weeks when the soil has dried out completely. It is important that it dries out completely between waterings. The leading cause of death for sansevieria is too much water.

Location: When it comes to location, the Spear Plant is also very easy. You can put the plant anywhere in your home. It doesn't mind direct sunlight, but can also survive living in full shade.

Temperature: A Spear Plant thrives at normal room temperature (15-30 °C). It does not tolerate cool temperatures.