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Samurai Plant

Samurai Plant

Sansevieria ehrenbergii


The Samurai Plant is one of the easiest plants you can have in your home. The plant originally comes from open and dry areas in Africa. Therefore, it can withstand direct sun and high temperatures. In its thick leaves it stores water for dry periods, and only needs to be watered very rarely. Along the edge of the leaves a beautiful golden color appears, contrasting with the matte green color of the plant.

Botanical name: Sansevieria ehrenbergii 


Watering: The Samurai Plant is extremely easy when it comes to watering. It requires very little watering in the summer and in the winter it can survive several months without water. It is important that your Samurai Plant dries out between waterings.

Location: Like the rest of the Sansevieria family, the Samurai Plant is quite easy to grant a good location. It will survive in both the darkest corner of the living room and in a warm south-facing window of direct sun.

Temperature: A Samurai Plant thrives at temperatures from 15-30 °C.