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Lucky Chestnut

Lucky Chestnut

Pachira aquatica


The Lucky Chestnut is originally from Central America, between Mexico and Costa Rica, and is a well-known plant within the Feng Shui philosophy, where it is believed that the plant brings happiness and prosperity to every home that it thrives within.

The name Lucky Chestnut refers to a story about the plant's origins, in which a poor man prayed to God for food, after which he found this "strange" plant. He saw the plant as a sign from God and took it home, where he began to grow the seeds from the plant. He was so successful in selling these plants that he saw the plant as a miracle.Therefore, it is said that the plant can bring life, energy and wealth to all homes it is within.

Botanical name: Pachira aquatica

Other names: Lucky Chestnut is also known as Money Tree.



Watering: Water the plant about once a week or every 14 days, but only if the soil is dry.

Location: The plant thrives in both sun and shade. However, it should not be placed in direct sunlight all day. If you place a Lucky Chestnut in a bright environment, the plant will typically grow fast, while it will grow slower, if put in a darker environment.

Temperature: The plant tolerates temperatures between 8-30 °C.