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Euphorbia Ritchiei

Madagascar Spurge


Madagascar Spurge is the nickname of a speciel type of sculptural succulents. They are native to East Africa, where they grow among mountain grass and in open scrub. They do not demand much care and unlike most other plants, they grow really well despite being put in direct sun.

Botanical name: Euphorbia ritchiei & Euphorbia guentheri


Watering: The worst you can do to your Madagascar Spurge is leaving it water-soaked for days. Your Madagascar Spurge needs to dry out between waterings. It should be watered approx. every two weeks during summer. In winter it will drop its leaves and go into "hibernation". During winter you only need to water about once a month until it grows new leaves in Spring.

Location: Madagascar Spurge loves sunlight and warm temperatures. It thrives the best in indirect sun light, but do you have to choose between a dark corner or a South-facing windowsill, go with the latter. Over time the plant will grow towards the sunlight so make sure to turn your plant once in a while to make it grow evenly to all sides.

Temperature: Madagascar Spurge tolerates temperatures from 15-30 degrees.