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Coral Cactus

Coral Cactus

Euphorbia lactea


The Coral Cactus is a grafted plant, meaning that two plants have been put together to create a new plant. It is one of the easiest plants you can have in your home as it can survive several months without sun and water. The plant varies in color from completely green to bright pink.

As it grows bigger and bigger, it will begin to change into a wavelike shape that makes it look like a coral.

Botanical name: Euphorbia lactea


Watering: The coral cactus is one of the easiest plants in our Easycare assortment when it comes to watering. It only needs to be watered once every two to three months when the soil has dried out completely.

Location: When it comes to location, the coral cactus is also extremely easy. It can easily be put in full sunlight, but it is also okay with being put in a darker corner. Test some different locations to find out where your plant thrives the best.

As the plant originates from a tropical climate, it should be put at room temperatures between 15- 30 °C.