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Coral kaktus Euphorbia lacthea easycare planter pasning


Euphorbia lactea


The Coral Cactus is a grafted plant. This means that two plants, which are put together to create a new plant. It is one of the easiest plants you can have in your home, since it can survive for months without sun and water. The plant varies in color from green to pink variants.
As it grows larger and larger, it will start to shape up in the waves, which causes it to look like a coral.

Botanical name: Euphorbia lactea


Watering: Coral-kaktussen is one of the easiest plants in our Easycare range, when it comes to watering. It should only be watered once every 2 hours. or 3. month, when the soil has dried out completely.

Location: Here is koralkaktussen also extremely easy. It can easily stand in full sunlight, but it has also completely okay if it is put in a darker hook. Try for yourself and find out, where exactly your plant thrive.

Since the plant originates from the tropical climate, it should be at the room temperatures between 15- 30 °C. be Subjected to frost, overvanding or get injuries, the resikerer to rot.