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Dracaena surculosa

dracaena surculosa

Dracaena surculosa

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Dracaena surculosa Care Guide 

Botanical name: Dracaena surculosa

Common Name(s): Gold-dust dracaena, Spotted Dracaena, Japanese Bamboo

The Dracaena surculosa is a fun and whimsical plant, known for its slender, bamboo-like branches, bushy look and unique variegation. Its leaves bear colorful speckles, almost resembling star dust, earning it the nickname gold-dust dracaena.

The word ‘surculosa’ comes from latin meaning ‘shooting’, referring to the way new sprouts shoot up from the ground. It can reach heights ranging from 60 cm to almost 2 meters. In other words, the surculosa allows for versatility in various décor settings and is perfect for entrances or spaces that need an ornamental or oriental touch.

Fun fact: With proper care, the plant will grow small flowers from time to time.

Care Guide 

Light and Placement: Surculosas prefer bright to medium indirect light. An ideal placement would be near an east or west-facing window or about 90 cm away from a south-facing window.

Too much direct light will scorch the leaves and too little light exposure will make the variegation fade. Rotate the plant once for month to ensure a tall and even growth.

Watering: The best way to know if your plant needs watering is to check the top 2,5 cm of the soil with a finger. If the soil is dry to the touch, it’s time to water, otherwise wait for a couple of days. If possible, use water that is room temperature, as cold water can shock the plant.

During summer, check your plant every 4-7 days. As the days get colder and longer, cut back on the watering, and check every 7-14 days.

Temperature: Surculosas thrive the best in temperatures between 15-21°. For extra care and good looks, mist your surculosa plant once a month and clean the leaves with a damp cloth to hydrate its leaves and remove dust particles.

Pruning: As surculosa plants grow upwards it may be necessary to do some light trimming from time to time. Cut overgrown stems during the winter to keep your plant in shape, give it more energy for new growth and keep a height that fits your space.

Fertilization: A newly purchased plant is already fertilized and will thrive for the first 5-8 months. After that, fertilize your plant once a month during its growth season, from April to August. Do not fertilize your plant during winter, as it needs a break during the colder months.

The amount of fertilizer depends on the type you use. It's advisable to err on the lower end of the recommended dosage to avoid over-fertilizing your plant.