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Codiaeum Varietgatum Planter pasning


Codiaeum varietgatum


The house plant, Croton, is a colourful family of plants in very different colour variations. Croton has its origins in Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, where it grows in open forest.

The beautiful and detailed leaves leads the mind towards a warmer climate, with makes the plant suitable for creating a tropical atmosphere in your home.

Our Croton plants are found in four variants, allowing you to choose a color palette that fits your unique interior design style.

Botanical name: Codiaeum varietgatum



Watering: Water regularly about once a week so that the soil is slightly moist during the summer months. In winter, you may let the soil dry out before watering again.

Location: Croton loves sunlight. It can be put in direct sunlight or indirect sunlight, but do not place it far away from a window. Then it won't thrive.

Temperature: Thrives at temperatures of around 15-20 °C. Avoid cool temperatures and draught.