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Black Velvet

Alocasia 'Black Velvet'

Black Velvet


Black Velvet is a fascinating plant that has its origins in Southeast Asia. Plant collectors believe the plant originally grew in the jungle on the island of Borneo and is believed to have been discovered in the 1860s by English plant collectors looking for new orchids and houseplants. When the plant was first introduced, it was only accessable to a small number of people, as it was rare and therefore very expensive.

Black Velvet is characterized by its decorative leaves. The leaves are, as the name indicates, black and have a matte, velvet-like surface. The bright pattern in the leaves is almost silver-like, which gives it an exclusive look.

Botanical name: Alocasia 'Black Velvet'



Watering: Black Velvet tolerates drying out and actually prefers that its soil is quite dry before you water it again. Check the soil of the plant once or twice a week and water when the soil feels well dry.

Location: Black Velvet would like to be placed in a room with indirect sunlight. Like us humans, the plant can get sunburnt. Therefore, you should avoid placing the plant in direct sunlight, since many hours in bright sun will cause sun damage to the leaves.

Temperature: Black Velvet prefers heat and thrives at room temperatures of 15-30 °C.