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Mountain Palm

Palour palm

Mountain Palm

Chamaedorea elegans



The Mountain Palm has its origins in Central America, especially in areas of Mexico and Guatemala, where it grows as a kind of groundcover in the high mountain forests.

The Mountain Palm has in recent years become a very popular plant in Europe. It is a very hardy plant, that only requires a minimum of care.

If you want to treat yourself with a plant that creates a green atmosphere with minimal care, the Mountain Palm is the perfect choice.

Botanical name: Chamaedorea elegans.



Watering: A good rule of thumb is that the Mountain Palm does not tolerate being soaked in water, but it must also not be completely dry. Check the surface of the soil from time to time, if the top layer of soil is dry approx. 2 cm down, you must water.

Location: This plant tolerates almost any location. But if you must choose between direct sunlight throughout the day or partial shade, go with partial shade. That's where it will thrive the most.

Temperature: The Mountain Palm tolerates room temperature from 12 to 25 degrees.

Humidity: If you have very dry air in the room, you can spray the plant with water regularly during the summer. If the plant is put close to a heater, you can also put a small bowl of water on top of the warm heater  – it increases the humidity.