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Banana palm

Banan-palme pasning

Banana Tree

Musa acuminata

Get the tropical atmosphere at home with a Banana Tree. Our palm is characterized by its large, dull-green leaves and thick stem with an almost pink tinge. After some time in the sun, will you get new babyskud. On the way, the mother plant of its genes on, before, in his last life of the wither and lets the new babyskud start a new growth cycle.

Botanical name: Musa acuminata



Watering: a banana tree is happy for regular watering. It should be watered approximately. 1-2 times per week when the soil is dry out. Especially in summer, where the plant grows very quickly, using the very water, here, then you should keep an eye on, that it does not dry out.

Location: A bananpalme love sunlight. It will be the best and will be the most beautifully, if it gets a lit location with plenty of space around them.

Temperature: Palm tree grow best at temperatures between 15-30 °C.