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Why is Light Important?

Hvorfor er lys vigtigt?

Why is Light Important for Plants?

Light is the sole source of energy for plants. Therefore, plants depend on light for their long-term survival. However, different plants have varying light requirements. In this article, you can learn more about why light and placement are crucial if you want your indoor plants to grow and thrive.

The primary challenge in helping plants thrive indoors is providing them with sufficient light. In contrast to humans and animals that derive energy from carbohydrates, protein, and fat, plants produce these substances using energy from light and carbon dioxide in the air. The byproduct of this process is oxygen, which benefits humans as we breathe. 

Most indoor plants originate from tropical regions where there is abundant light.Light levels vary significantly at higher latitudes, especially during winter months when light levels are markedly lower than in summer. For example, the total amount of light in December in Denmark is only about 4% of the total light in June. And lighting conditions don't improve when we move indoors.

Considerations for Plant Placement and Windows

The proximity to windows directly influences light intensity, with roughly halved levels for every meter further away. Essentially, a plant situated two meters from a window in winter accesses only 1-2% of the light available outdoors on a sunny summer day.

While the human eye might find it challenging to perceive this distinction, plants, reliant on light energy, ideally thrive when situated closer to windows.In general, maintaining plants as close to windows as possible is advisable.

Lamps and Plant Lights

Electric lighting is rarely sufficient to compensate for the lack of sunlight. Firstly, the light's color composition needs to be adjusted to meet the plant's requirements, which is seldom the case with standard household light bulbs. Secondly, the light needs to be quite intense to have any effect on the plants.

Consequences of Insufficient Light for Plants

Placing a plant in a poorly lit area requires a choice between accepting a limited lifespan or opting for a robust plant type capable of enduring prolonged periods of low light.

Our 5-star EasyCare plants are thoughtfully chosen from resilient plant varieties found in nature. They can thrive for a minimum of 30 days without light and water, showcasing adaptability to low light conditions for a defined period.

For specific guidelines tailored to each plant species, explore individual plants within the Plant Guide section.

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