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How to rescue your plant?


How to rescue your plant?

Too much water, too little light, too little space, too little nourishment or for very rykken-around can be some of the reasons why your once beautiful plant has become discolored and dull to look at


Avoid overvanding

The most frequent reason for that plants become bad, is most often due to overvanding. Most of our plants grow best when the roots just allowed to breathe, in the water. For that the roots can get oxygen, you should be careful to water your plants more often than directed under planteviden in the menu. You should only water the plant when the soil surface is completely dry.



When the roots begin to look out of the dyrkningspotten, it is a sign that the plant is ready to grow larger and, therefore, will be happy for a new and larger pot so that it can continue its growth.


Brown and yellow leaves/stems

If the plant gets a pair of brown leaves/stems are often a sign that the plant is by changing some of the old leaves/stems out with new and fresh leaves. You can easily pill these, without the plant takes damage. Starting the plant to return to get more of the brown and yellow leaves than green, it's a sign that the plant has it bad. This is often due to the plant's either got too much or too little water, but it can f.ex. also happen if you move your plant location too often. Most plants to quietly afklimatiseres, so they get used to the new conditions and temperatures. But, you pasningsvejledningen and water the plants when the earth's top layer is dry, the plant will most sandsynt thrive.

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