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How to Make Your Plants Grow

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How to make your plants grow and thrive 

Plants are living organisms that, much like us, appreciate occasional pampering. There are several things you can do to provide your plant with a little extra care. Here are our recommendations


If your plant appears thin and weak, fertilizer can often be beneficial during spring or summer. Follow the instructions on your fertilizer package, leaning towards the lower end of the recommendations.

NOTE: During the winter period, refrain from fertilizing your plant, as it is in a resting state. Nutrients are best absorbed when the plant is actively growing, so fertilizing during dormant periods can have the opposite effect and potentially harm the plant.


Consider giving your plants a refreshing shower. This helps prevent overwatering, as the roots will absorb the necessary water during the shower, avoiding excessive moisture. Rinsing the plants also rejuvenates the leaves by removing dust, bacteria, and chemicals.

Leaf Care for a Radiant Look

Consider dabbing your leaves with a bit of coconut oil for a natural shine. Alternatively, you can remove dust and mites by gently wiping the leaves with a damp cloth.

Managing Yellowing Leaves

From time to time, your plants may develop yellow or brown leaves. You can easily trim your plants and gently remove yellow leaves/stems without harming the plant

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