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Butterfly Palm

Sommerfugle palme Areca plante pasning

Butterfly Palm

Dypsis lutescens 'Areca'


A Butterfly Palm is an enormously lush and rich palm tree that can really create life in a room. Its large volume and wild growth brings a mediterranean atmosphere into the home, and the many leaves also make it an effective "air purifier" plant. With a Butterfly Palm in your home, you'll probably find that you'll have less need to vent and that the indoor climate in your home will generally seem healthier.

Botanical name: Dypsis lutescens 'Areca'


Watering: Water your plant approximately once every other week when the top layer of soil is dry. The roots can rot if the plant gets too much water.

Location: The optimal location of the Butterfly Palm will be in a bright room where it can stand in indirect light. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight - it can cause its leaves to get sun damage and the plant will dry out more quickly.

Temperature: The optimal temperature for the Butterfly Palm is between 15-30°C