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Love Tree (Silk Plant)

Silke-planter Philodendron pasning

Love Tree (Silk Plant)


The Love Trees originate in South America, where they are still part of the wild nature. You will typically find the Love Tree in tropical forests, but you will also see them in moist areas, along the riverbanks and even by the roadside.They are called Love Trees because of the heart-shaped leaves. And the botanical name, Philodendron, comes from "Phileo" meaning Love and "Dendron" meaning Tree.

Botanical name: Philodendron

Other names: The plant is also known as Silk Plant or Heart Leaf


Watering: Philodendron is one of the easier plant families when it comes to watering. They must be watered once or twice every two weeks, when the soil is about to dry out. Rather water a little too rarely than a little too often, because the plants actually tolerate if the soil dries out every now and then.

Location: The Love Trees thrive when you put them in a bright room with indirect sunlight. For example, place your plant so that it is close to the windowsill, but the leaves still avoid direct sunlight.

Temperature: If you want to give your plant the best growing conditions, it should be placed at room temperatures between 15-30 °C.