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Peacocks-plants are lively and air-purifying plants that closes its petals at night when they are asleep and opens again when the light breaks forth. Plant unique bladmønster causes them to resemble peacock feathers.

We offer 7 different peacocks-plants. Insignis, Sanderiana, Beautiful Star, Makoyana, Rufibarba, Orbifolia and Freddy.




Påfugleplanter are best to be water regularly, when top 1-2 cm of soil begins to be easy to dry. Typically this will be 1 time per week. They can tolerate, that you forget to water it occasionally, but you should understand, however, that long periods of parched land will result in the tips and the edges of the leaves will be brown.

Location: Your påfugleplante will have the best of a bright location, but not in direct sun, as it will provide its leaves sun damage. It is ideal to place påfugleplanter in front of a north -, east-or west-facing window. However, it is not the wild with cold temperatures or pull, so it's a bad idea to put by the window, you usually open when aired out.

Temperature: the Plant thrive at room temperature between 15-25 °C.