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Coffee Plant

Kaffe-planter pasning

Coffee Plant

Coffea arabicum

Do you love coffee? The fact that the amazing coffee even exists is due to the tropical coffee bush, originally from Ethiopia.

If the coffee plant is grown indoors under ideal conditions, small white flowers will appear after 3-5 years. If the flowers are pollinated, they will turn into small berries. The berries are first green, then red and finally almost black when they are ripe. Inside these berries two coffee beans are hidden. If you roast these coffee beans you can brew the world-renowned beverage coffee.

Botanical name: Coffea arabicum


The Coffee Plant is not as hard to care for as you might think. It is a fun plant to challenge your plant care skills with, and can you get a Coffee Plant to thrive for several years, there is reason to be proud.

Watering: Water your Coffee Plant about once a week. The soil only needs to be moist, so don't soak it with water, you need to water again when the soil is beginning to dry up. In the summer you need to keep an eye on the plant because the soil will dry faster. Overwatering can, in the worst case scenario, result in the roots drowning because no air can get to the roots.

Location: Your Coffee Plant prefers to be placed on a spot with indirect sunlight. When placing your plant it is important to remember, that it doesn't like to be placed in a windowsill in direct sunlight because the leaves can get sun damage.

Temperature: The Coffee Plant tolerates temperatures between 15-30 °C but it prefers a temperature over 18 °C. The plant cannot cope with frost.

Humidity: The coffee plant loves high humidity and will love if you spray it with a spray bottle from time to time. This causes the humidity to rise around the plant when the water evaporates, and will simulate the environment from which your Coffee Plant originates.