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Hoya 'Love by Heart'

Hoya kerii easycare-plante pasning

Hoya 'Love by Heart'

Hoya kerrii


It is no coincidence that the Hoya Heart is known as "Lucky Heart". This little plant can lighten up your loved ones' day, with its loving message. A cute and romantic little plant that will be well received on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or just as a sweet little gift for a plant lover.

The plant is native to the south-east of Asia, where it grows wildly on long stems with several of these small heart-leaves. If you are lucky the plant will grow a new leaf next to the current leaves after a few years, and over time more leaves will come, growing on a stalk. In the thick leaves, the plant stores water for dry periods. There is nothing wrong with the plant if it has or gets some small bright freckles on the leaves. It is perfectly natural and gives each Hoya leave its own identity.

Botanical name: Hoya kerrii

Other names: The Hoya heart is also known by many as Lucky Heart, Sweet Heart, Valentine's Hoya, Love by Heart, Waxplant etc.


Watering: The little heart-shaped plant should only be watered very little, about once a month, when the soil has dried out completely. It stores water in its heart-shaped leaves for dry periods. Therefore, it will also thrive the most if kept on the dry side.

Location: The Hoya Heart thrives in most lighting conditions. It is not a fan of lots of direct sun, but it rarely complains, even if it gets a place in the darkest corner of the living room.

Temperature: Put your plant in a room at temperatures between 15-30 °C.