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Ginseng Fig

Ginseng fig

Ficus microcarpa

The Ginseng Fig is a perfect plant for beginners in Bonsai cultivation. The plant is one of our loyal EasyCare plants and is considered the easiest miniature tree you can grow. An incredibly sculptural and unique plant. You won't find two that look alike and the imagination is the only limit as to what they might look like.

Botanical name: Ficus microcarpa 'Ginseng'


A Ginseng fig tree should have water 1-2 times a month, but make sure that the soil dries out between each watering.

Location: A Ginseng Fig prefers a light position, ideally in a south-facing window. Direct sunlight is not a problem, but keep in mind that it requires more frequent watering in the summer, if the plant is placed in full sunlight. The plant can survive periods of low light levels, but it will lose leaves during the winter months, if it does not get a sufficient amount of light and water.

Temperature: The plant tolerates temperatures from 15 to 30 °C. 


Extra pampering

The Ginseng Fig is not a plant that requires much care, but if you really want to treat it well, there are a few small things you can try out.

Pruning: If the plant grows a lot, you may want to cut back some of the new branches in the spring. After pruning, new leaves will develop and the crown of the tree will become more dense.

Fertilizer:Consider adding a low concentration of fertilizer once in a while when watering during the summer months. This could boost the plant's growth and make it fuller.