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African Spear

African Spear

Sansevieria Cylindrica

African Spear is one of the easiest plants you can have in your home. In its thick cylindrical leaves it stores water for dry seasons and you can place it almost anywhere in any room. If you go close, you will see a beautifully detailed pattern of green shades. If you grant your African spear a light location for a longer period of time, more shades of green will appear. If you put the plant in a dark corner and add a little fertilizer, the plant will become more solid in color instead.

With its simple expression the plant matches the minimalist scandinavian decor. The long cylindrical leaves make it possible to shape the plant in several ways. We have five different variants, each with a different shape: Spaghetti, Fan, Rocket, Straight and Braid. Do you want to keep the shape over time, you must avoid watering more than once every 2-3 months when the leaves begin to wrinkle a bit. If you water more often, the plant will grow wild and have side shoots.

If you want to give your African Spear an extra touch, there are several easy ways you can decorate it. Try for yourself. For example you can turn the leaves wavy, if you unbraid our braided variant of African Spear. The plant lends itself well to decorating with beads, bamboo etc. Let your imagination run riot.

Origin: The plant is native to Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia, where it grows in the wild.

Botanical name: Sansevieria cylindrica

Other names: African Spear has over time acquired many nicknames. Among them are Bayonet plant and Dragon fingers.



African Spear is one of the absolute easiest plants you can have in your home. Anyone can manage to care for this plant.

Watering: It is indeed important that an African Spear dries out completely between waterings. That is why it is only to be watered once a month - and during cold periods it can survive as long as two to three months without water.

Location: African Spear is exceptionally easy when it comes to location. You can put the plant anywhere in your home. It tolerates direct sunlight, but you can also place it in full shade.

Temperature: African Spear thrive best at temperatures between 15-30 °C.