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Shipping policy


We send our packages with Bring to your nearest pakkeshop in Denmark (excluding Greenland and the Faroe islands). There is also the option of delivery to your door. The goods will be packaged and sent as soon as possible, but depending on the individual product, there can be between 1-7 days delivery time.

The shipping price is only 50kr regardless of the amount of products to pick up at your local pakkeshop. Delivery to the door cost 100kr (Applies only in the summer season when the plants do not tolerate frost)

You get free shipping on order from 500kr



The right of withdrawal applies as a starting point, not the live plants, as they are perishable. However, you are always welcome to call or write to our customer service if you are not satisfied. However, you have to pay fragtudgifterne to return and then you will get the amount for the product return if the withdrawal. The goods must be sent back in originalpakningen, and the value of the product may not be reduced. If the product is damaged or degraded, and it is due to lack of or improper packaging, you will lose your right of withdrawal.

On pots and other accessories, you have a 14 day return policy. Here you must also bear the costs in connection with the return shipment.

You can then use our standard withdrawal form and send with the return. The you will find here at the bottom of the page (Remember to dd to incur expenditure in connection with the return shipment.)

contact us as soon as possible shop@feldborg.com if you are unhappy



Since plants are living, they will of course vary a bit in the broadcast, and sometimes react to the surroundings. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the plants are quite similar, and completely fresh. However, we guarantee that your plant is alive and in good condition when it appears, and that it only gets nicer with time if you take care of it properly.

EasyCare plants, has survived 40 days without light and water before they are sent from our nursery. so we can guarantee that the plant can withstand being sent home to you.

If the plant is become a little dull on the journey just have a little bit of water and light, the fast beautiful and fresh again. Please read plantevejledningen under planteviden in the menu.



Have you received a pot or other accessories as f.ex. defects in material at the time of receipt? In connection with the sale of goods act, you have 2 years of warranty on the pots. Warranty is not valid in cases of improper treatment of the product.

You must advertise within ”reasonable time” after you have discovered the defect/defect, cf. sale of goods act. If you complain within 2 months, is considered the claim of being timely.

In connection with the complaint shall be replaced absence/fejlvaren with a undamaged item above to pay the purchase price back. Ie. you get a new item sent as a replacement for the advertised above, if your complaint is justified.

Complaints concerning plants should take place as soon as possible. The assessment of the relationship will in any case depend on the plant's nature, condition and natural durability.

All complaints must contain a description of the problem and would very much like a picture of the product that you send to our customer service.

If the claim is justified, the amount for the item will be refunded.

There are significant errors in connection with your purchase? So contact us as soon as possible shop@feldborg.com