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Sig farvels til plastik og velkommen til Cocoz!

The sustainable alternative to plastikpotten

COCOZ® are organic biodegradable flower pots made of fibers from the kokosnøddens outer shell and natural rubber. Coir is a natural byproduct in the kokosproduktionen, which does not go to waste when they are used for the manufacture of COCOZ®-potter.

Keep COCOZ-pot on

Keep COCOZ®-the pot when you put the plant in a potteskjuler. This is to avoid damage to the plant's roots. When your plant even be potted on, you need not to remove the COCOZ®-pot. Over time, the roots grow through the pot and out in the new potting soil

Cocoz organisk nedbrydelig potte

A discreet aesthetic choice

In relation to a colored plastikpotte, which do not necessarily fit with the color of your potteskjuler, will COCOZ®-pottens structure and color melt together with the side, and spoils not the color of your potteskjuler.

cocoz potte
Nemmere at vande rigtigt

Easier to water properly

With COCOZ®-the pot it's easy to keep an eye on your plant has gotten too much or too little water. Excess water can easily
leak out through the pot. Therefore, we reduce the risk of overvanding. Wait until the waters to pottens the lower part is dry.

Sustainable coconut potty

A good solution for the plant's roots

COCOZ®-structure of the material makes the pot is breathable, so air can more easily pass through and reach the plant's roots. It gives your plant the better the growing conditions.

Do you like COCOZ® natural and raw look?

COCOZ®-the pot can sagtnes be used in a potteskjuler, but if you like it natural and raw look, you can just place it on a small plate.