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Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig

Ficus benjamina


A Weeping Fig is a very lush and voluminous indoor plant with lots of little fine leaves. The size and shape of the leaves is very similar to the leaves of a birch tree, hence its other popular name "Birch Fig". If you are looking for a plant with lots of volume that only demand a small amount of care, look no further.

Botanical name: Ficus benjamina

Other names: Birch Fig, Benjamin's Fig


Watering: A Weeping Fig needs water on a regular basis, about once a week during summer and once every two week during winter. It doesn't like being left in either very wet or very dry soil for a long time. Put a finger a few inches into the soil and feel whether it is time to water or not. If the soil is still moist, postpone watering a few days, until the soil is dry again.

Location: This plant is very easy to place in your home. You can put it in both direct sunlight and indirect sunlight, as long as you don't move it round all the time. A Weeping Fig drops a few leaves quite often and that is completely natural, however does it drop all of its leaves at the same time it is probably due to one of the following:

  • It has been exposed to cool air.
  • It needs a lighter location.
  • It has been moved around too often.

Does this happen, it is important to note that the plant is not dead. Simply put it in a light location and add water as usual - then it will grow new leaves, once it goes into a new season of growth.

Temperature: A Weeping Fig thrives at temperatures from 15-30 °C.

A little extra

Dust: Since this plant is full of little leaves, it is almost impossible to dust off the leaves in tradition fashion. Luckily the Weeping Fig loves a shower, so simply put the plant in your shower cubicle, set the temperature to approx. 20 °C and let the water remove the dust from the leaves.