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Pink Dragon

Alocasia Pink dragon plante

Pink Dragon



Within the Alocasia Family there are more than 70 different plant variants and yet Pink Dragon is something completely unique. The plant is characterised by its beautiful pink stem. Next comes the large green leaves with a pattern that almost turns into a silver-like color. These features has given it its exotic and fairytale-like name 'Pink Dragon.' In your interior design, Pink Dragon will really stand out and add personality to your indoor "plant garden".

Botanical name: Alocasia 'Pink Dragon'



Watering: Pink Dragon tolerates drying out and actually prefers that its soil is well dry before you water it again.

Location: Pink Dragon would like to be placed in a room with lots of indirect sunlight. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, as it can cause sun damage to its beautiful leaves.

Temperature: Your Pink Dragon thrives at room temperatures of 15-30 °C.