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Heart of Jesus

Heart of Jesus


Heart of Jesus is an amazingly colourful plant. It is characterized by its beautiful heart-shaped leaves with neat branched patterns of white, pink, red and orange. It is native to South- and Central America, but today it is found in many parts of the world. The plant exists in endeless variaties and colours, and if you are willing to grant it a little pampering once and a while, it will really add colour to you plant collection. 

Botanical name: Caladium


Watering: Heart of Jesus is a spring-summer plant. From April to May you are to water it whenever the soil of the entire pot is dry. That is approximately once a week. By september the leaves will drop and the plant will go into a kind of hibernation. Store away the tubers until spring (at temperatures above 15 degrees). When spring comes you simply put the pot with the tubers and soil in the light again and water regularly - then the plant will grow new leaves, when it has had enough light and sustenance.

Location: Heart of Jesus prefers a well-lit location, without being put in direct sunlight or being exposed to cool air. Place it close to a window, that you do not open too often.

Temperatur: Heart of Jesus likes temperatures from 15 to 30 °C.