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The Banyan tree 'S-shape'

Ficus microcarpa 'S-shape' bonsai

The Banyan tree 'S-shape'

Ficus microcarpa

A little bit about the plant

The Banyan tree has its origin in southern China, Malaysia and Taiwan. The tree is a very popular bonsai tree. If you do not have experience with bonsai method, a banyan-tree, it is obviously recommended, because it is considered to be one of the easiest types to fit.

Characterized for precisely the 'S-shape' is the great strain that is grown, so it hurls itself as an 'S'. The plant is grafted, as it has small crowns of oval dark-green leaves all the way up the trunk.

In your interior, a banyan-tree 'S-shape' give a very personal expression, and over time you will be able to shape the plant in exactly the direction you would like.

Botanical name: Ficus microcarpa



Watering: the Banyan tree 'S-shape' is like it, you water it regularly. If the plant dries out, may well find to throw its beautiful leaves, so it is a good rule of thumb that you need to water when the top half of the soil is dry. Check your plant once a week to see if it penetrates to the water.

Location: Your banyan tree should be placed bright. It will love you if you can find a space in the vicinity of a south-facing window, where it mostly gets indirect light. You should not place your banyan-tree in a place where there is dark, as it does not thrive without light. And so you should not move the tree around too much in your house - it can loosen it, so that it loses its leaves.

Temperature: the Plant thrive at 15-30°C. Avoid the cold and drafts.