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Dragon Scale

Dragon Scale

Alocasia baginda

The Dragon Scale has a very unique structure to its leaves that almost resembles the skin of mythical dragons. The plant is still quite rare, so you want to make sure to give it the right growing conditions. Fortunately it is not as difficult to care for as you might think.

Botanical name: Alocasia baginda


Watering: A Dragon Scale likes slightly moist soil, but it is very sensitive to overwatering. If you only add a little bit of water and do it often, you DragonScale will thrive.

Location: The Dragon Scale needs a bright location of indirect sunlight. Put it close to a window to make sure that it gets enough light to grow. Never put it in direct sunlight, as the leaves fall will be sun damaged and it will be difficult to avoid the soil drying out for too long.

Temperature: A Dragon Scale tolerates temperatures between 15-30 °C.

Extra pampering

Humidity: The Dragon Scale loves high humidity levels. It will love having its leaves sprayed with diffused water once and a while.

Fertilizer: To boost the growth of your plant, consider adding a little fertilizer to the soil during spring and summer. Never fertilize in winter. It might damage the roots and kill the plant.