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Pineapple Star

Pineapple Star

Bromeliad Cryptanthus


This plant-beauty attracts everyone's attention. Therefore it's hard to imagine that it has its origin in the underbrush of the Brazilian rain forest, living in the hidden. The plant grows under the tall plants of the rainforest and this hidden life, makes it grow more in width than in height. 

The beautiful pink color of the plant changes according to the amount of light it is exposed to. If placed in a dark corner the color becomes more matte green and if you place it in a sunlit windowsill, the color will become more pink and deep.

Botanical name: Bromeliad Cryptanthus

Other names: The plant is also known as Earth Star.



Watering:  Give water when the soil has dried out the surface. When watering, it is important that you do not water into the rosette of the plant, as the water may stay on the top of the plant and cause the plant to rot. Only water the soil of the plant.

Location: The Pineapple Star is fond of the shade. The plant's original wild life in the forest floor, makes it thrive better in a location of no direct sunlight.

Temperature: Place your Pineapple Star at room temperature (15-30 °C.)


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