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Ideas for the decoration of the African Spear

 Sansevieria dekorationSansevieria cylindrica bambus easycare dekorationSansevieria dekoration easycare planter 

Ideas for the decoration of the African Spear

African Spear (Sansevieria cylindrica) is nice in itself, with its clean expression and the lovely detailed pattern on the stems, but do you want to give the plant an extra zing, so there are several clever ways you can decorate it on.


Form and merge

With African Spears long cylindrical stems of the plant can be merged or shape in different ways. Try for yourself. You can f.ex. the wave like when you do the braids in the hair. If you cut a braided cylindrical, up.


Pigment/ solmønstre

Plants switches like us people of color to be in the sun. Therefore, it is possible to make patterns on the stems, by inserting or pasting something on the leaves in a period of time. -So, when you remove it again, the color will be a second green hue just that.

There will also often come in several shades of green in the leaves all by itself show the plant get light for a longer period of time. Placed the plant in the dark and get the fertilizer plant will, in turn, become more solid color.


Decorate with ornaments

In addition to the plan can be shaped and merged, so suitable also good to be decorated with beads, bamboo, or something else you find on the. It is only your imagination sets the limits. Above you can see some of our proposals as to how the plant can be decorated.

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