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7 benefits of plants in the home

Fordele ved planter


7 benefits of having plants in the home

To be surrounded by plants is beneficial to both your mental and physical health. This fact is proven by many scientific studies. However, there are many people who do not yet have discovered the value and the great advantages to use plants in the home. They find it difficult to choose the right plants, or too complicated to take care of them. Here you can read more about the many benefits the plants can bring to your home.


1. Plants give life and joy in the home

Plants are living beings who, like us, people develop and change over time. It is incredibly life-affirming to follow in their development. It is said that the plants creates a good energy in the home. At least if you believe in feng shui. Feng shui is a chinese philosophy in which man creates harmony between people and their surroundings. If you give your plant a little attention, you will get the life of the home and get a happy and bountiful plant.


2. Plants seems relaxing and soothing

To be among the plants can boost your mental health and can be used to help against stress and anxiety. Plants have a calming effect, which can help to give a sense of security and pleasure in the home. This is due, among other things, that we humans were originally created for a life in the wild.


3. Plants regulate the humidity in the indelukkende space.

Om the winter, when we crank up the heat, the air within the often dry. Dry air may cause red eyes, irritation and stinging of the skin, nose, and throat. Plants can help to give a bit of humidity to the air, so some of the dry air disappear.


4. Plants reduces the noise level

Scientific studies also indicate that plants works noise. Some plantetyper is even nearly as noise as a blanket.


5. Plants purify the air

Plants purify air for chemicals and bacteria. Therefore lends plants well in confined spaces and in the great cities, where you are surrounded by nature. The reason why plants can help to purify the air, due in part to the plants absorb the polluted oxygen, but it is also due to the humidity increases in the home when you have plants. In order to get the plants to clean the air more efficiently, it requires, therefore, that the plant thrive and grow actively.


6. Plants contribute to the employee/student well-being

To have plants in the office and study environments is to increase the well-being, and makes it easier to concentrate in the closing room. This is because we humans originally lived in direct contact with nature. Therefore plants a relaxing and calming effect.


7. There are plants for every need

There are many people who do not yet have discovered the value and the great advantages to use plants in the home. It is often the result that they find it difficult to choose the right plants, or too complicated to take care of them. Fortunately, there are incredibly many different plants. Plants come in all colors, textures, forms. They have different properties, and so there is both easy plants that do not grow much and more vibrant plants that require a little more attention. You can read more about the different plants in our planteguide







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